Gentoo penguin
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Seabird Species


Almost able to “fly” under the water, some of these charismatic species can dive to hundreds of meters

Penguins (family Spheniscidae) are a group of 18 species of flightless birds distributed almost exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere – with the Galápagos Penguin being the only species whose range extends into the Northern Hemisphere.  

Some species are found in extremely cold climates, such as Antarctica, but most species are found in the temperate zone.  

There is a large range in size of these species, with the Emperor Penguin standing at 1.2m tall, while the Little Penguin is a quarter of the size at only 0.3m tall. Most penguins forage in pelagic waters and typically prey on either small crustaceans (e.g. krill), fish or squid while diving underwater. 

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Species Tracked

Spotlight species: Emperor Penguin

King penguin
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The Emperor Penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri) prefers cold water, ideally  –35oC! This species has evolved to rear its chicks during the long dark days of the Antarctic winterThis adaptation to sub-zero conditions is also one of the reasons why climate change and warming Antarctic temperatures are threatening population numbers of Emperor Penguins. A proposed network of marine protected areas around Antarctica could provide some respite for the species, particularly in those places where multiple pressures impact the penguins. 

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Tracked colonies of Penguins

Use the map below to explore seabird colonies around the world.

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