Species: Gadfly Petrels

Gadfly Petrels

Seabird Species Excellent fliers, able to cover thousands of kilometres in a single foraging trip. The gadfly petrels (genera Pterodroma and Pseudobulweria) are a cryptic, taxonomically complex group of 38 species predominantly found in tropical and temperate regions. Many are

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High Seas – Out of sight, but on track

The high seas occupy approximately half of the planet. Yet, we know much less about this vast part of the ocean than any other area of the globe. The high seas are also poorly protected because there is no global regulatory framework for conservation or even sustainable use of natural resources in his area.

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IBAs & EBSAs – Describing important at-sea areas

BirdLife has been a key stakeholder in the Convention on Biological Diversity-led process to describe Ecologically and Biologically Significant Areas (EBSAs). We have compiled seabird tracking data and provided information on relevant marine IBAs, to guide the description of EBSAs at the Regional Workshops.

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