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The premier platform for seabird researchers to share their tracking data with the research and conservation communities

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Request data, store your data, share it with collaborating researchers, and contribute to seabird conservation

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Case Studies​

Find out more about our collaborative work using seabird tracking data to inform real-world conservation

Tracking Ocean Wanderers

Explore the diversity of seabird species, their incredible journeys, and how many have been tracked

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Conservation Outputs

The data submitted to the Seabird Tracking Database have wide-ranging conservation impacts:


marine IBAs identified


marine IBAs used to describe EBSAs


collaborations facilitated


tracks used to identify an MPA in the North-East Atlantic


of Marine IBAs in Europe Covered by Natura 2000 Protected Area network

Seabird bycatch mitigation measures mandatory in all 5 tuna RFMOs

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